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Who Are Purple HR?

At Purple HR, we are a tight-knit team of seasoned HR professionals led by directors Mandy and Leanne Fitzmaurice. Based in the heart of Dorset and extending our services throughout the UK and beyond, we specialise in delivering bespoke HR solutions across all facets of human resources—from strategic planning to everyday administration.

Our approach is personal and client-centric. We invest time to understand the unique challenges and needs of each business we partner with, ensuring tailored solutions that are both effective and practical. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or an established enterprise, our comprehensive support is designed to enhance your operations and empower your people.

Choose Purple HR for a partnership that values strong relationships and results-driven HR excellence. Let us help you unlock the power of your workforce and elevate your business to new heights.

Meet the dedicated and friendly team at Purple HR!


Mandy Fitzmaurice

Mandy brings unparalleled HR expertise to your business. With a rich background as a corporate HR Director, she excels in moulding HR strategies that not only resolve complex issues but also enhance your workforce’s potential. Mandy’s approach is rooted in practical, actionable guidance that empowers your organisation to thrive. At Purple HR, we leverage her extensive experience to help you unlock the full power of your people, ensuring that your HR functions are not just managed, but transformed into key drivers of your success.


Leanne Fitzmaurice

Leanne blends extensive HR expertise with a practical approach to solve your business challenges. She’s a key contact for clients, offering reliable solutions to streamline HR processes and enhance employee engagement. With an empathetic and professional manner, Leanne simplifies complex HR issues, helping you focus on growing your business.

Her commitment to operational excellence ensures that Purple HR utilises the latest in HR technology and insights, improving outcomes for all our clients.

HR Adviser

Beth Brown

Beth is our dedicated HR Adviser, known for her thoughtful and effective approach to client challenges. Starting her career with us as an apprentice, Beth has developed into a key resource for our clients, offering expert advice on employee relations and performance management.

Clients appreciate Beth’s ability to listen carefully and deliver solutions that simplify complex HR issues, making their operations smoother and more efficient. Her commitment to exceptional support is matched by her calm demeanour and organisational prowess, making her a vital part of our team.

Payroll & Compliance Assistant

Agnieszka Cross

Agi is our skilled HR Assistant specialising in managing payroll and compliance processes at Purple HR. Agi ensures that payroll is executed flawlessly and on schedule, aligning with all legal requirements to guarantee that our client’s employees are compensated correctly.

Beyond payroll, Agi adeptly handles critical vetting tasks such as DBS and right-to-work checks, safeguarding your business against compliance issues. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to excellence make her a dependable pillar of our HR team.

Approachable and helpful, Agi is always ready to assist with any HR inquiries you might have. Her friendly demeanour makes her a pleasure to interact with, ensuring a smooth and supportive experience for all our clients.

HR & Recruitment Assistant

Mariya Moyseeva

Mariya, with her hospitality background, brings a unique flair to recruitment at Purple. She expertly matches candidates to client companies, ensuring that each hire is not just skilled but a perfect fit for the company culture. Her extensive experience in customer service drives her to provide personalised support throughout the recruitment process, making her a trusted partner to our HR clients.

In addition to her recruitment duties, Mariya is a versatile contributor to our HR operations, always ready to tackle new challenges with enthusiasm. Her proactive approach and commitment to excellence ensure that our clients receive top-notch service. Known for her positive attitude and customer-centric mindset, Mariya is instrumental in helping our clients and our team succeed.

HR Assistant

Helen Lush

Helen brings a valuable blend of experience from her time in educational settings and customer service. With her adept administrative skills, she is the backbone of our HR operations, ensuring all processes run smoothly and efficiently. Helen’s expertise in handling a wide array of HR tasks makes her an indispensable part of our team.

Her approachable nature and dedication to service excellence make Helen a reliable support for our clients, helping to streamline their HR functions and enhance overall efficiency. Whether you need assistance with paperwork, compliance, or any other HR administrative task, Helen is always ready to help with a smile.

Health & Safety Adviser

Simon Ings

Simon brings a wealth of experience from his ongoing career in the Fire Service. With his robust background as a firefighter, Simon specialises in fire safety, providing critical training and comprehensive risk assessments to ensure workplace safety.

His expertise extends to first aid training, equipping our clients’ teams with the skills to respond effectively in emergencies. Simon’s practical knowledge and hands-on approach to safety training make him a vital asset to any organisation looking to enhance their safety protocols.

Purple Pooch


Bruno, our cherished office dog, brings joy and comfort to our team and visitors alike. Although semi-retired, he still frequents the office, often found indulging in his favourite hobby: napping. Bruno’s presence offers a delightful respite from the hustle and bustle, providing cuddles and companionship in exchange for the occasional treat.